Sections & Speakers

GAP.6 will have seven sections:
  • Section 1: Logic and Philosophy of Science (responsibility: Volker Halbach, Ulrich Gähde, Martin Carrier)
  • Section 2: Epistemology (responsibility: Elke Brendel, Hans Rott)
  • Section 3: Philosophy of Language (responsibility: Christian Nimtz, Thomas Spitzley)
  • Section 4: Philosophy of Mind (responsibility: Ansgar Beckermann, Sven Walter)
  • Section 5: Metaphysics and Philosophy of Religion (responsibility: Thomas Grundmann, Christoph Jäger)
  • Section 6: Applied Ethics, Political Philosophy, Social Philosophy and Philosophy of Law (responsibility: Ralf Stoecker, Stefan Gosepath)
  • Section 7: Normative Ethics, Metaethics, Decision Theory and Theory of Action (responsibility: Ulla Wessels, Christoph Lumer)