Below you can download the final programme of all GAP.6 events in pdf format.

  • General programme, overwiev (download)
  • Schedule of the section talks (download)
  • Section talks arranged by sections (download)
  • Abstracts of section talks (download)
  • Programme and abstracts of main lectures (download)
  • Programme and abstracts of colloquia talks (download)
  • Programme and abstracts of workshop talks (download)

Programme Booklet

On check-in, every participant of GAP.6 will receive a printed conference booklet containing the program as well as all abstracts and other relevant information.

Plenary Talks

There will be three plenary talks. The GAP is pleased to announce that the following philosophers have accepted the invitation of the Society:

Philip Kitcher
Philip Pettit
Bettina Schöne-Seifert


All talks given in the colloquia will be by invited speakers. There will be six colloquia two to three talks per colloquium. (Please note: the language of the title indicates the language of the colloquium.)

  • Woher kommen die Werte?
    Speakers: Norbert Hoerster, Hans Joas
  • Science in Application
    Speakers: Nancy Cartwright, Peter Galison
  • How Can Rationality Be Normative?
    Speakers: Michael Bishop, Alvin Goldmann, Gerd Gigerenzer
  • Information, Wissen, Bildung
    Speakers: Ulrich Nortmann, Ulf von Rauchhaupt
  • Ethics: Foundations and Applications
    Speakers: Dieter Birnbacher, Jeff McMahan
  • Thought Experiments, Conceivability, and Philosophical Knowledge
    Speakers: David Chalmers, Timothy Williamson


Each sektion-talk will be 25-minutes, followed by 10 minutes time for discussion. There will be seven sections.


There will be five satellite workshops to GAP.6:

The workshops are autonomous events for which you have to register separately. Details and contact information can be obtained on the respective webpages or directly from the organizers.

Satelite Conference

"Antecedents of Action - Reasons, Decisions, Intentions, and Will" (organized by Ralf Stoecker and Thomas Spitzley).